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What is SAP Business One ?
SAP Business One Version for Hana
SAP Business One Hana on Cloud - STEM SAP Gold Partner

SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA

SAP Business One is one of the most popular ERP systems targeted towards SMEs. Conventionally SAP Business One is mainly used in Windows Environment with Microsoft SQL Server at its core RDBMS. SMEs till few years back using SAP Business One for regular Back Office Process and Accounting management fond out this approach to be quite ideal. But now-a-days, when the database size increased to Terabytes and SMEs are relying more and more towards getting real time analytics (Reports and Dashboards), they find out that SQL Server is overwhelmed for such a requirement.

SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform for SAP Business One that supercharges the application performance for speed and allows you to analyse massive amounts of data in real-time. SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA eliminates layers of complexities and unnecessary business costs found in legacy IT architecture so your business can run smarter, faster and simpler.

SAP HANA – Transforming Business Systems

SAP Business One Hana Transforming Business Systems

SAP HANA – Solution Highlights

  1. Cashflow Forecast Demo on SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

    • Complete, accurate and timely picture of your cash flow
    • POs and sales orders from recurring postings included in calculations
    • Sophisticated calculations to help assess payment probability
    Cashflow Forecast SAP Business One Hana
  2. Available to Promise Demo on SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

    • Real time inventory transparency
    • Dynamic aggregation of inventory on hand, promise and desired
    • Enable sales order rescheduling to minimize cost
    SAP Business One Hana Available to Promise (ATP)
  3. Pervasive Analytics Demo on SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

    • Embed analytical content in transaction screens
    • Real time analytics reflect transactional activity as it happens
    • Enable front line employees to see data relevant to their job at the moment it’s needed
    SAP Business One Hana Embedded Pervasive Analytics


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