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Get the business software you need, the way you need it, with SAP Business One Cloud. This affordable, solution can help integrate and streamline your key processes – including financials, sales, inventory, and more. And because the solution is hosted and maintained by experts in secure, world-class data centres, you can spend more time on innovation – and less on IT.

Get started with the SAP Business One Cloud test drive today. Experience the power of the SAP Business One Cloud solution, designed for small and midsize businesses. Discover the possibilities it can bring to your business. Your test drive is just a few clicks away.

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You can start running & accessing your SAP B1 immediately. No need to setup any server hardware & server software.


No need to purchase any server hardware and software. With fixed monthly pricing and pay-as-you-go model, you just pay what you use and when you use it.

Scalability & Flexibility

Adding more memory, storage or processor to get better performance can be achieved more easily than on premise model. So by having third party to manage and support the system, you can utilize your IT team to focus on adding values to your business

On-Premise Vs Cloud

It is easier for people to get information through the internet today. More and more people understand the importance of a company having a system. A system that not only aims to be able to store data in an integrated manner between one part and another, but also a system that is able to help users to perform analysis.

However, the system cannot run alone. There must be good and reliable infrastructure support so that the system can run smoothly.

And now, more and more people have heard of the term "Cloud", but still few have heard of the term "On-Premise".

What Is On-Premise?

In terms of infrastructure / hardware, the notion of "On-Premise" or often shortened to "On-Prem" is a term to state that the company has a physical server, where the server can be placed in one location / building. Whether it's in one of the company's office buildings or placed in a data center (Co-Location).

Meanwhile, when viewed from the perspective of the system, the notion of "On-Premise" is a term to state that a system belongs to the company. In the case of an SAP Business One license, an On-Premise license means that the company purchases and has a license for the SAP Business One system to be used for operational activities.

What Is Cloud?

Meanwhile for "Cloud" (some call it "Cloud Computing") in infrastructure, it refers to the infrastructure provided by third parties using virtualization technology and online. So, companies need an internet to access the infrastructure.

Now, almost everyone must have actually used cloud services. Cloud services that are most widely used today by people around the world are email. Email (for example Gmail) is one form of cloud use in everyday life.

We as users do not know where the location of the Gmail server, where our email data is stored. What we know for sure, we can access our email or data online and realtime.

In general, third-party cloud infrastructure service providers are also known as Cloud Service Providers. Several international scale vendors that provide this cloud infrastructure include:

Key Differences

There are several things that are the main key differences between on-premise and cloud, which should be considered in determining what model we want to use in the company.

On Cloud

On Premise

Placement The server is within the the company's internal network. Servers hosted by Cloud Service Providers using the latest virtualization technology.
Cost Paid in full up front. Paid monthly
Ownership Own Rent
Control and Security Data is stored and fully controlled by company in its own server. The data is stored in the resources of the Cloud Service Provider.
Scaleability It takes time and look for hardware availability to upgrade. Upgrades can be done quickly and easily.
Resources can also set lower to reduce cost.
Maintenance Need special attention for maintenance on the hardware & infrastructure side. Hardware & infrastructure maintenance is carried out by cloud service providers.
Access Internet connection is only needed if you need to access data from outside the network. An internet network is a must to access the data on the server.

The decision to choose to use on-premise or cloud is returned to the needs and policies of each company. Usually the main determining factors are scalability, internet network availability (access) and the costs that must be incurred by the company in deciding to use the on-premise or cloud model.

The Difference between SAP Business One Hana on Cloud and On Premise


On Cloud

On Premise

User Software Licensing Pay a per user / per month fee, paid annually in advance Pay a 1 time license fee
Own versus Rent You rent the licenses You own the licenses
Annual software maintenance Included in the subscription cost Pay 17% of the total license fee annually
Hosting Cost (Application Server, Database Server, Server Infrastructure) Included in the subscription cost Paid separately from licenses
Backups Included in the subscription cost (Daily) Done by Internal IT
License changes Buy additional licenses at any time. Remove licenses annually Buy new licenses at any time. No removal of licenses
Multi-company 1 production, 1 test database. Additional databases priced separately Run as many companies as you want
Database Size 5 GB Depends on your own server
Price SAP Business One Hana
Price SAP Business One Cloud


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